torsdag 20 april 2017

Happy Athlete Progress Journal

Karen har gjort en bok för planering och dokumenation. Den verkar super, men kostar en slant. Tänker mig att jag kan göra en själv. Spar hennes beskrivning här.

Create training plans that work for YOU with this Happy Athlete Progress Journal!

You want a Happy Athlete & you want to make Progress...

In order to make Progress you need to:

  • Make a plan
  • Notice how it works
  • Adjust the plan
  • Be consistent
In order to have a Happy Athlete you need to:
  • Think more holistically
  • Balance work in and out of the arena
  • Schedule partnership time
  • Do what makes your horse happy
This journal will help you with all of this!

Each journal will guide you, over 3 months, to think like an experienced trainer. Focus on the where, what, how, and why of what you do with your horse. You will learn what works and what doesn't. It will remind you that every moment is important and that a balanced training plan includes time outside the arena.

This journal operates on my belief that you CAN do it! Using this journal on a regular basis will train you to think differently when you are with your horse. Making conscious choices and adjusting as you go is what will take you to the next level! My wish is that you become confident and empowered to be your best for your horse.

Document your daily and weekly training plans and results for 12 weeks. Begin to notice what works and doesn't work in your training. Become more aware of your training options:

3 Months of Planning.
Spiral bound workbook

  • Instructions on how to use the journal
  • Examples of different training possibilities
  • Sample Weekly Plan
  • Goal Setting
  • Weekly Changeable Plans
  • Weekly Reviews
  • Daily Plans
  • Daily Reviews

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